Find the set of 50 Important Seating Arrangement Questions of all types & questions will be exactly on the IBPS PO/Clerk level for upcoming. The questions are at a high level than the candidate's prediction. sample PDF of Top high-level Puzzle and Seating Arrangement questions. Similar type of linear and circuler Seating Arrangement questions are repeated Click here to download Most Important Seating Arrangement Questions PDF.

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    Seating Arrangement Questions Pdf

    Reasoning Question: Seating Arrangement(Based on IBPS Clerk Mains Feb 4, Section-Wise Current Affairs PDF. Government Schemes · National. + New Pattern Puzzle & Seating Arrangement Questions | Download PDF. By . Team LST + Questions on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement. -New and. Important Puzzle & Seating Arrangement PDF. Here you may download Important Puzzle & Seating Arrangement Questions answer PDF at Free of cost.

    Download Seating Arrangement Workbook. Seating Arrangement Workbook pdf download links are given at the end of the post SET-1 Directions Q1—Q6 : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions givenbelow: A group of seven membersare sitting in a row facing south. There are three females in the group. Onlymales sit at the extreme ends of the row. Females sit adjacent to each other. They persons live in threedifferent cities of the country at least two in each city.

    Cloze Test.


    New Pattern Spotting Error. Banking Awareness Banking Awareness. Computer Awareness Computer Awareness.

    Current Affairs Quiz in Hindi. Tuesday, April 16, Let's Study Together. Important Study material. Quantitative Aptitude. Reasoning Ability. English Section. Banking Awareness. H is the Scientist.

    G and J are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither G nor J is an Engineer.

    The Financial Analyst is on the immediate left of F. The Lawyer is second to the right of the Columnist. The Professor is an immediate neighbour of the Engineer. G is second to the right of the Chartered Accountant.

    Question 3: Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and hence form a group. Z sits third to left of the representative from Punjab. Representative from Delhi sits second to left of the representative of Karnataka.

    L is not the representative of Assam. Now before moving forth to solution understand these basic steps that will help us solve this problem. Draw a circle with equidistant points and with the help of arrows signify the direction in which the characters are facing. Now we will use above steps and formulate the solution above problem In the above example we are given 8 alphabets each corresponding to 8 states. We need to map representatives to their states respectively.

    Now first we will make a circle with 8 equidistant lines and respectively add direction in which the representatives are facing.

    Download Puzzles and Seating Arrangement Book Pdf Free

    Now we will read the main problems and try to get the direct information. According to the problem: 1 V sits second to the right of the representative from Kerala. Here, we will first place V at bottom most place. We then place the representative from Kerala second to the left of V. This is because V sits second to the right of representative from Kerala.

    Then we place the representative from Madhya Pradesh and N as given in problem. So, we get the following figure. Now no other direct information is given with which we can plot the diagram. So, we move on to next statements.

    Puzzle and Seating Arrangement Questions Pdf Download in English/Hindi with Answers

    So, we get three possible cases. So the third case gets eliminated as there is no place left for Gujarat. Thus cases 1 and 2 get amended as shown below: 8 Only one person sits between P and the representative from Assam.

    We know the possible positions of P so we can place representative from Assam accordingly. Here for each case we get 2 cases so now we have total 4 cases. Plotting information given in these statements, possibilities 2. We can see this as below: When we see in case 2. Now, in case 2.

    So placing representative of Delhi as N is possible as shown below. The diagram looks like this. There are 3 possible places for Z As representative of Madhya Pradesh, representative of Gujarat or representative of Karnataka i Madhya Pradesh is not possible as there is no place for representative of Punjab.

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